bob_brothers talking copy

BW_man gestures copy

BW_smoking man on stretcher copy

BW_tent copy

Catwalks_cop cars & prision copy

Catwalks_destroyed office copy

BW_man down on walk copy

bob_wounded next to ditch copy

bop_brothers patrol catwalk copy

bop_catwalk copy

brosig_bros with hand on heads copy

brosig_corpse spread arms copy

brosig_guard on walk copy

brosig_guard w club  in yard copy

brosig_guards look into yard copy

brosig_line of corpses copy

brosig_police line up bodies copy

brosig_stretcher ambulance copy

brosig_two dead men copy

brosig_wide shot of yard copy

brosig_wide shot of yard w_gas copy

carl valone's clothes copy