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The New York State Police Videos

The New York State Police carefully documented the events of September 1971 at the Attica Correctional Facility in a series of films and videos. The original films and video dubs remain restricted, but duplicate user copies have been made available at the New York State Archives and have been extensively used in several documentary productions on Attica. Here, with the cooperation of the New York State Archives, we present the entire film/video (and audio track) recordings made at Attica by the New York State police.

Videotape Description
RealMedia files [ISDN]: September 1971
RealMedia files [56kbps]: September 1971


Video and Audio, 10:09 Minutes. This video documents the Attica prison rebellion right before the state police storm the prison. The narrator describes the activity in the various sectors of the prison. The video provides a glimpse into the ways the prisoners organized their acitivities. Shows the area where the hostages were being held. Also shows at a distance a meeting taking place among the prisoners.

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