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In the decades following the Attica rebellion of 1971, hundreds of interviews have been conducted with prisoners, hostages, guards, prison officials, witnesses, and government officials touching on one or more aspects of the insurrection. The origins, course, and aftermath of the rebellion have been extensively and intensively explored. Oral histories constitute an important source for understanding both the events of 1971 as well as the more general physical, social, political, and psychological conditions that typified Attica and other New York State prisons in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The following oral histories were gathered from a variety of sources. We wish to thank all who contributed interviews to Attica Revisited. Specific acknowledgments are listed under each inteview description. We have included transcripts whenever possible (in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format or Word document file format). We intend to add interviews to this site as they become available.

All interviews are being made available in both streaming RealMedia and MP3 audio file formats. Click on the appropriate speaker icon to hear a specific segment in the desired format; click on transcript icon to view the transcript file. Interviews have been divided into two or more half-hour segments to facilitate on-line listening.

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Harry Buyce interview by Joanne Van Patten

MP3 files [128 kbps]
June 18, 1998

Interview with New York State Trooper Harry Buyce on his recollections of the Attica rebellion. Conducted by Joanne Van Patten on June 18, 1998. The interview was conducted as a final project for a course on oral history at the State University of New York at Albany. The original recording is held by the Oral History Program, Department of History, State University of New York.


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