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Modern School Magazin, April 1921


         From 1917 on, the Stelton Colony began publishing The Modern School Magazine.  Initially a newsletter for parents of students, under Carl Zigrosser it soon contained poetry, art, some prose and articles about libertarian education. 

Joseph Ishill and his printing  press
Special Collections and Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

Joseph Ishill and his printing press, Brooklyn Heights, NJ

     It was initially printed by Joseph Ishill on the hand press used to teach the children printing.

     The cover emblem, as well as many of the interior illustrations and an illustrated alphabet to begin the first letter of each article were designed by illustrator Rockwell Kent.

    The magazine would come to be called "the most beautifully printed magazine in existence" by both Hart Crane and Wallace Stevens.



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Modern School Magazine #1, 1912    The first Modern School Magazine - 1912

       Published as a newsletter for parents while the school was still located in Manhattan.

      Will Durant (top, at left), Magda Boris (seated, third from left); middle row: Révolte Bercovici, Amour Liber, Ruth ?, Gorky Bercovici.

Modern School Magazine, Spring 1918 The Modern School Magazine - Spring, 1918.
Modern School Magazine, Spring 1920 The Modern School Magazine - Spring, 1920.
The Modern School Magazine, April 1921 The Modern School Magazine - April (Spring), 1921
The Spirit of Freedom in Education, by  Elizabeth Ferm The Spirit of Freedom in Education by Elizabeth Byrne Ferm.


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