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    The arts and crafts artist Rockwell Kent produced images such as this one for the Modern School Magazinehe Modern School of Stelton, New Jersey was a profoundly influential institution for all of those who were raised and educated there.  It influenced their lives, beliefs and ideals  well beyond it's chronological end.  It utilized the ideals and practices of "free education" developed by Frederick Froebel, Mikhail Bakunan and Francisco Ferrer; and stands today as a landmark in the history of both the free education movement, and the anarchist movement in early 20th century America.  This is the history of the school, as told by some of the people who grew up there.  It includes interviews, a brief chronological history, and links to other related sites. 


The Stelton Modern School

    Documentary from Talking History     

Produced March-May 2001 for History 390Z: Producing Historical Documentaries, at the University at Albany.  First aired 24 May, 2001.

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This website owes many thanks and much appreciation to the extensive scholarship of Paul Avrich, Carolyn P. Boyd,  James Joll and Fernanda Perrone; to whom the author is greatly indebted.


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Further thanks for this site should be given to the ever helpful Jon Scott for the many items and information he has provided, as well as to Dr. Gerald Zahavi and Susan McCormick in the Department of History at the University at Albany for their continuous help and support, without which this project would not exist.




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