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Selections and extended portions from interviews with former students of the Stelton Modern School done during March of 2001, chronicling both their time at the school and their lives.


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-Introduction: Mr. Shapiro discusses his early life and how he got to the school 2:54
-On the difficulties he had upon leaving the school. 1:42
Jack ("Josh") Shapiro
-Painting - Mr. Shapiro discussing his art work and some of the people that influenced him. 1:29
-Saturday Night in the colony 0:51
-Introduction: Mr. Giacoloni discusses his early memories of the school. 2:45
  -His memories of how it looked, and how the day was run. 2:14
William Giacoloni
-Discussion of some of the problems encountered both during his time at the school, and after he left. 2:32
-His time in the Navy. 1:25
-Going back. :58
-The End 2:36
  -Introduction :42
  -His educational experience, and ultimate decision to leave the school. 7:30
Leonard Rico -Discussion of his family and the history of the Stelton colony. 6:20
  -His decision to leave the Stelton School in favour of public school. 3:35
  -His memories of the Stelton Colony and what made it unique; and his transition to a more traditional school. 4:30